Thursday, August 24, 2006

I’m just getting older…

My youngest sister was staying over at my place for the past week. Throughout the week I was always busy with my studies and work so I barely spoke to her for long hours but we enjoyed watching TV and movies together while i was stuck to my laptop. Until today! I felt guilty that I only took her out shopping for a school bag yesterday and then dinner with my friends whom she did enjoy because she likes them but still it wasn’t me and her connecting type of outing. So I called her before I finished work and asked her to get dressed and ready to go out for dinner. Passed by, picked her up and started the chitchat. And guess what… I OPENED UP PANDORA’s BOX hehehehehe everything that I missed from her life for the past year was just being gestured screamed shouted acted laughed upon reacted in Chili’s and in front of a crowd of 2 birthday parties heheheheehe YES she didn’t care about the crowd and to be honest neither did I for I enjoyed every bit of these 3 HOURS just listening to her and looking at each detail of her facial and body expressions to see how happy she was telling me all about her adventures. Although she is only 12years old but she really has a LIFE of her own and OMG I was like 18 or more when I started doing what she does now! You should check her website! Yes she has all these images of her guy friends and all her girl friends etc. We (my other sister and me) even found out a couple of months ago that she has a BOYFRIEND! I didn’t dare to ask dad to go out with a group of guys with a group of girls until I was 15 which was my last year of school. I think the boyfriend thing is over for the calls just stopped but the msn is still on, We are still looking for more evidence hehehehehehe. After finishing from Chili’s we went for a drive in the car for her to finish her unending stories which jumped from one topic into the other and then back to the main. So I ended up to know a longgggggggg "summary" hehehe of the adventures of last year in addition to know all about her friends and teachers. Went back home played BINGO for an hour with her then played cards then watched a movie together and that’s when she fell asleep on my lap. I was about to cry when I noticed that she slept. I wanted just to hold her in my arms and start kissing her to tell her how much I enjoyed every moment of the day with her.

She slept like a baby while I just sat there with all these thoughts of the day which lead me into thinking that I am growing older for now a big part of my life is encircled about my job my studies and my small business. So mom is right when she said that I am becoming self-centered and that I am not giving them enough time.

It also made me think that I was growing older for I really felt tired by the end of the day and that I wanted to rest and it hit me that this was what I always told BM that we need to get married before both of us are really old and have no time to bringing up children and running after them and listening to each of their stories etc. Face reality I will be turning 29 in a month or so while he will turn 34 in less than a month. So if we had the chance to hook up then we should have gotten kids immediately for I always told him that I didn’t want my first child to graduate from university and his dad is in his early 60s and mom in late 40s! I like it when kids are close to their parents’ age like me and my mom and dad. Mom is 45 while dad is 50 but at least they saw their first child MOI graduating from school 12 years ago!

Anyway I know that the whole issue here is the age for the birthday thing is coming closer as usual but this year I promised myself that no matter what I am happy at where I am and whatever I am doing for that’s what I killed myself for throughout the past years so this means I deserve to be here even it wasn’t what I EXACTLY wanted.

Just before I close this post, my sister is now a FRIENDS addict too hehehehehe yeah it is running through the family… I got it into all my siblings now except for mom and dad ;) They liked the translated version on MBC2 but still mom and dad aren’t big fans of these programs mom watches them if she’s bored while dad watches them for the good looking girls hehehehehe

Yalla ciao for now need to go tuck my sister in bed.

Yeah I am almost a mother for the day. OKAY OKAY I won’t start nagging now about not being a mother yet, will keep that for a post I was postponing for a while ☺

إبحث عنّي-ماجدة الرّومي

Besides to the lyrics and the meanings i JUST ADORE the music of this song...

إبحث عنّي
أنا في مكانٍ ما، أغوص وأنتظر يديك
أنا في مكانٍ ما أنطفىء وأنتظر عينيك
إبحث عنّي
أنا في مكانٍ ما، أناديك وأنتظر مجيئك
أنا في مكانٍ ما أحبّك... أحبّك...
إمنحني وهج عينيك ليكون وطني
وطني الوحيد ضدّ أوطان البشر
إمنحني حبّك فلا أدخل حرباً من حروبهم
ولا يأتيني خبر السّلام أبداً
مدّ لي يديك من فوق حقيقة هذا العالم
من فوق حقيقة هذا العالم
أحبّك.. أحبّك
إبحث عنّي

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

شو بحب اسهر- ماجدة الرومي

شو بحب اسهر .. كون قنديلك
تغفى بعيني .. و غنيلك
و آخر طريق الليل .. تغمرني
عَ دروب أحلامي .. تسفرني
شو بحب .. شو بحب .. شو بحب اسهر كون قنديلك
بحر و ضباب و حدّك أنا
أيّا قمر هل .. أيّا سنا
هيدا حلم .. هيدا هنا
بحب الحلم لمّا
تاخد بإيدي هيك
و تضمّا
و آخر طريق الليل تغمرني ..
حبيبي ..
أكتر من حبيبي عمري كله
شمسي القريبة
تشرق علي وحدي بهالكون
تغزل عينيّ بألف لون و لون ..
شو بحب اسهر .. كون قنديلك

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reality ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

أنا بتنفس حرية - جوليا

أنا بتنفس حرية .. ما تقطع عني الهواء!
ولا تزيدا كتير عليّ .. احسن ما نُوقَع سوا؟

ما بتقدر أبداً تلغيني ..
بدك تسمعني.. وتحكيني
وإذا فِكرك عم بتداويني..
مش هيدا هِو الدوا!

يا ريتك مني بتسمع .. بكفي كل اللي صار
القوة هي اللي بتوقع!.. إن وقفت بوجه الأفكار
هالدنيا بتساع الكل .. وحدا الحقيقة بتِضّل
وإذا بدك منلاقي الحل
لولا منفكر سوا

صوت الحرية بيبقى أعلى من كل الأصوات
مهما تعصف ريح الظلم يغطي الليل المسافات
ما فيك تلون هالكون عبعضو بذات اللون
وتبدل نظام الأرض وتغير مجرى الهوا

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