Monday, May 29, 2006

Confession Time!

I have lied! Well it is not lying as much as it was hiding the truth. Within this week someone asked me a question about somoeone and i didn't answer with the truth. I care about these two people each in a different way and i knew that my answer would have caused trouble for both of them in a way or another. So i prefered to keep the peace going on among everyone and i hid the truth from the other person. But since then i feel as if i have done shee fazee3 and i keep on feeling guilty. If you know me in person you would know that LYING is one of the MAJOR things i hate in this world and it does really really hurt me when i find out that someone has been lying to me, so i wouldn't want to do the same to anyone. Anyway, now that i got it out of my system i will keep this post as an evidence or an apology to that friend i lied to if he/she ever find out about what i hid (which i doubt). At least this post shows the intention behind what i said.