Monday, March 06, 2006

Men Attack Lingerie Shop!

I promised a friend of mine that i would take her to this new Lingerie shop i found close to my house. All of my shopping friends know that i have a weakness for Lingerie and Accessory/Jewellry shops. I don't usually buy the normal ones for i always like weird and unique colors and designs. Anyway i found this shop a week ago and told her about it and since then she was begging me to take her there so i can choose something for her before her husband comes back from his business trip. Anyway, we decide to meet today at lunch for we both have 1 hr break from work. We get to the shop and without even thinking we both stop at the door and look at each other. The seller in the shop whom i bought my stuff from last week wasn't in the shop and to make things worse, she was replaced by that 50ish 60ish yrs old man (owner of shop). Not only that was the problem, but in addition, this guy, who i think is palestinian, was sitting chatting with two guys one is 30is and the other is 40ish. I looked at my friend and told her don't worry just follow me and say nothing. So we enter to this shop and i start showing her around and i could see that all of them were following us by eyes but still continuing their conversation about the case that the girl in the shop had to go for in the court as a wittness. Anyway i continue showing my friend around so i would know what her style is for i need to get something for her that has to do a little bit with her style or else she would never wear it (you know the sales and marketing part). She chooses a couple of things when out of nowhere i turn to find this guy 5cm away from back and peeking from the top of my shoulder to check which product we were looking at. I turn around and give him that "EXCUSE ME" look and he gets the gist. He appologises and says that he was trying to help i said no worries just tell us the prices of these things. He did and he was saying all these stupid things like " this piece sells for Dhs.650 but for you i will give it for Dhs.320. I looked at the man and told him that i was in the shop a couple of days ago and the lady at the counter said that it was for Dhs.280 and she will give it to me for Dhs.210. He jerked back a few steps and then said "she must have been treating you as a regular customer of the shop" and he said no more.

At that point my friend wasn't comfortable at all and she said we will come at other time for we are late and i directly understood the message. She wasn't feeling comfortable and she wasn't going to buy something or anything just for the sake of leaving the shop quickly ... she wants to take her time. So we left the place and told the man that we will come later when the girl is there. He said ok and we left.

I was so frustrated from him. I do not usually care when men are around while i am choosing any lingerie for they are usually looking around for something or just checking the latest design so they do not interfere with me/us at all; but to have a MAN following you and interefering in everything you touch in the shop is really annoying and so uncomfortable. I can't even start to imagine this guy telling us which cup would fit and which size to take and what cut to choose UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH i would have killed him. I usually find it really sexy and nice when i see a man buying his wife/girlfriend or whatever such garments for it shows openness and sharing between the couple. There was even this guy a week before valentine, at one of the Naomi shops who thought it was funny to ask me & the sales lady which of the two baby dolls would we prefer to wear for our partner hehehehehe we actually answered him and laughed about it with him and then left the place with full respect and no hard feelings or bad intentions (he did buy the one I chose). But for someone to interfere in everything we touch around in the shop i thought it was far too much. I really felt sorry for my friend. I think what i will do is go in the afternoon, buy the piece she prefered most and get it for her as a gift to cheer her up ;) This way i would make it up for her coz i've been delaying the shop's visit for a while.

Forgot to say that this is one unique shop! When i went in last week after buying a couple of things from there the sales lady goes like "visit us everynow and then for we always have something new and in less than two months we will be getting lots of toys and accessories" hehehehehehe yeah yeah you can already imagine the shock on my face and the giggles but she was a sweet lady and all i was thinking of was who the hell would have the nerves to ask about the availability of these toys in here for we all know that there is no way on earth to find such things here! We'll wait and see. I am sure my friend will have to come alone if she wanted to get some of these toys for this time i am not interfering in any way or else i would keep on having these visuals of her and her husband NO WAY JOSE!


Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

Such Weird, I do agree somtimes some stupid As* guys act really As*.

Though what you 're gonna do for your friend to make that up is really Great. It shows how much rspect 'n' Love you 've in your heart for others' feelings. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

4:27 AM, March 07, 2006  
Blogger Khookh said...

atc...please do me a favor and keep me posted on the toys..i'm really interested in what this store has to offer.


4:06 AM, March 12, 2006  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

Thanx for the kind words ;) Actually i didn't end up getting her anything for she finishes work earlier than i do and she beat me to the shop and bought the ones she liked and 2 of the ones i chose (she did find the sales lady ;) Haven't seen her since then, i wonder why i think she is really busy trying the new outfits for he hubby hehehehehe ;)

hehehehehehe will do ;)

9:31 AM, March 12, 2006  

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