Sunday, February 19, 2006

An Ode to Watches!

Yesterday i noticed a really weird and freaky coincidence. i have noticed that when a really really dear friend compliments something about me personally my watch stops! Two years ago a friend of mine was visiting and after saying how creative my house is and beautifully decorated and i donno what, one of the statues i have at home holding a pendulum clock stopped moving and the clock stopped at the same minute that person was saying the compliments. The clock does not work now in anyway or another, it really became just a statue! A year ago another close friend of mine was talking about my eyes and how i apply the makeup and how the pastel colors brighten my look and my curled eyelashes and i donno what, later that day i discover that my wrist watch stopped at the same time i was having the conversation with that friend. Yesterday... a friend of mine was telling me that the brown and pink colors that i am wearing are really well combined and i look very smart dressed and that was at 6:30 pm for i was packing my things to reach home before 7pm. I go home and notice nothing until 10pm when i looked at my watch and saw that the watch handles are stuck at 6:30! The second's hand is still moving but the minutes and hours hands are dead! So a flashback of all these incidents rush to my mind! I really donno what is it with me and watches defending me from evil eye if we could say although these are really really close friends who wouldn't envy me for anything in the world.

This reminds me of an incident a couple of months ago, I was picking BM from the airport after a long business trip. So no need to say that i was at my best in everything (makeup, hair, dress etc.) just the way to take his breath away ;) or what i call (DRESS TO KILL) hehehehehehe anyway i pick him up have dinner then drop him to his place to rest before he travels on the next day. Anyway i go back home to my parents house just to find that they have people for dinner. These people haven't seen me for six months or so and if you were reading my previous posts you would know that i have drastically lost weight that i look half the size i used to be. These 4 ladies start saying mashallah and praying and saying no way and this is unbeleivable and great and i donno what ... out of no where we hear a big BOOM and everyone in the house runs towards my parent's room for that's were the sound came from. Guess what... A mirror console of 2meters width by 1 meter height dropped on the floor face down !!! the wooden frame was shattered to pieces but the glass wasn't even scratched THANK GOD. You can imagine the face of the women and my mom without even thinking hugged me and started saying Allahu Akbar while my sister teared up and i could feel that she was saying all kinds of prayers. I was totally shocked and speechless. All i know is that dad saved the scene by saying "YALLA HASAL KHEIR" (it's ok nothing bad happenned) and we all went back and had dinner but none of these women ever spoke again about my loosing weight process throughout the whole evening! I think i was dressing that night not to mesmerize BM but to kill someone at home hehehehehehehe Thank GOD for everything!


Blogger Rain said...

That's Weird!!!!!

Allah ye7meeky dayman.

8:50 PM, February 19, 2006  
Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

It remindes you "Don't get too Excited" LOL!

God bless you.....

3:12 AM, February 22, 2006  
Blogger Khookh said...

Allah yi7meekeh ya binet...i guess no more compliments from me :)

2:53 PM, March 02, 2006  

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