Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dear Sister,

I kept this for a while for i didn't know what to write but now i do. It's been a tradition since university days (1995) that every year on valentine my best friends and i get each other a simple thing just to make sure that whoever doesn't have a bf/gf won't feel left out with all the pressure from that occasion! For the past three years i've been exchanging gifts/flowers with my closest friend R. This year R and me included someone else in the gift exchange, N for she has been really a great loyal friend for both of us since a year now. These things are funny and really good to remember even through this year the three of us really weren't in the mood of anything because of the massive depression going around us but we still did it to lift our spirits and to tell each other that even though we can't do anything to help but we are here (and it applies to the three of us). Anyway... the shock for this year was that i got a basket of small gifts from my SISTER!

Yes my sister! I am not shocked from the fact that she got me something for we always get things we like for each other occasion or no occasion but i am shocked from the incident itself. First we never get each other anything on valentine and second was for what she told me when she gave these gifts to me. She had asked me a couple of days ago what was i and BM doing on valentine's day and i told her that he had to urgently go on a business trip to another country and that we will celebrate later when he's back. So what she did was go to her favourite shop and get me a small basket of 4 gifts and red flowers in it. The first gift was a Cow shaped salt and pepper set (i love cow ornaments), a phone holder in the shape of a dog carrying a big heart chair with the words "i love you" written on it, two kissing porcelain teddy bears, and the most lovely framed poem that read:

"Dear Sister,
We did crazy things, growing up... Loving and hating each other in sudden bursts of energy. We struggled, we learned, we overcame problems together. You have been a part of my laughter, my joys and my triumphs. You have always been pateint, loving and caring. I thank God for gifting me with such a sweet Sister like you."

I was in tears when reading these words. I was overwhelmed more when she said "i know that you would expect something from BM but knowing that he is not here i thought i would get you a small thing until he's back". These words just stabbed me in the heart! Only if she knows what i've been hiding from her. She didn't even know that her gifts meant the world to me at that moment and even if BM has got me something her thought of the whole thing was much more worth than anything i would have recieved on valentine's day. The thought that she would do something on BM's behalf for he is out of town. What you donno is that my sister and BM donot really get along a lot for he doesn't feel comfortable around her for she has a tough personality; while she has a kind of a hard feeling towards him for he is causing all the fights between me and my parents due to the difference of religion between me and BM. She always used to tell me, " I DONOT hate BM but i hate the situation we're all in, be it him, you, me, our parents etc.". I always thought that she told me this just like that but after saying these words about the gifts and reading the poem i knew that she meant it. I always thought that my sister and i are different. But after that day i discovered that we are so much alike execpt in attitude. She has her own way of not expressing her feelings and keeping them for herself while i am the opposite. But we are both so sociable and friendly and care about everyone in the world except ourselves (by the way we take that from mom and dad).

Even though she doesn't know about my blog but here i am wishing her all the best at all times and praying to God to protect her. Dear SIS may God Bless you x x x You really made my day ;)


Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

Family, Friends, co-workers or whatever, It's always about Love. I'm glad you 're surrounded by such Lovin' people. Thankyou for your kind Prayers though. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

2:45 AM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger doshar said...

that is really very sweet. i tried that valentine gift thing with a friend of mine once. it was quite nice. we don't make it every year though. aybe we don't really feel the need to. valentine if is really about celebrating your love for others, that can be done every day and in a million ways.

your sis and you remind me a bit of roora and me. we love each other dearly al hamdulillah. we do not get each other stuff on valentine though... but we show it in alot of other ways. this weekend she had a workshop out of town... and i realized how much company she makes when she is here.

aren't sisters one of the greatest gift on this world!

2:07 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Jane said...

What a lovely surprise! My older sister and I are slowly becoming more friendly after years of personality clashes. This is such a nice story. It gives me hope.

11:47 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Wonderer said...

waw, I am really touched. Rabina ye.7aliko leba3d.
I wished if I had a sister but I am grateful for having friends who are more than sisters to me al7amdolelah.

2:18 AM, February 24, 2006  
Blogger Khookh said...

babe i suggest you tell her about your blog..whatta ya think?

2:50 PM, March 02, 2006  

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