Saturday, February 18, 2006

ATC's Recipe of the Day® #3

--> Meatball Stew & Rice <--

aka "Kafta w Batata ma3 rizz"

This recipe's portions are for creating a meal for two people, add or subtract portions upon your needs ;)

>> Meatball Stew: Shape half a kilo of meat (kofta) into small ball-shaped portions. Then dice 4 medium-sized peeled potatoes into four or eight pieces so that the size of the potato is slightly bigger than the meatball (they will shrink when cooked). Deep fry the potatoes for a couple of minutes until they slightly soften then place aside in a dish with paper towels to absorb all the oil from them. Next deep fry the meat until they are slightly well done, then place them in a dish with paper towels to absorb all the oil from them too. In a big pan, shred 1 big onion then add some oil and keep on tossing the onions around the oil until they turn gold, that's when it's time to add 4 crushed pieces of garlic, half a spoon of pepper spice, a spoon of salt and toss all together. After 1 minute of tossing add 2 litres of water on top of the mixture in the pan and add 4 big spoons of tomato paste and stirr well until all ingredients are merged and you have a good tasting mixture (add peppers and salt etc. as you like at this stage). Also add the potatoes and meat to that mixture and bring to a boil. You will know that the stew is ready when the watery mixture starts to harden a bit to look like a stew (Don't wait till the stew turns into a paste ;).

>> Basmati Rice: Rinse 3/4 cup of basmati rice until clean, then marinate in water and salt. In a pan, place 2 cups of Vermacelli (sh3ayriyah), add one spoon of oil and fry until they turn to golden color (becareful they get fried quickly ;) then add my secret ingredient of the powder mixture in "MAGGI's Chicken Noodle Soup" sachets and fry with the rest for 5 seconds. Throw the water in which the rice is marinated in and add the rice to the pan of vermacilli and MAGGI mixture, then toss quickly and add two cups of water and leave to boil on the back eye of the oven. Every couple of minutes stirr the rice so the vermacilli would spread among the rice. You can add salt as you wish ;)

**Tips & Tricks**
If you like to decorate the food the way i do before presenting, for people eat with their eyes before their mouth, then:
* Place the meatball stew in a big thick bowl and serve hot.
* Spread the basmati rice in a big elongated dish and decorate with parsley and lemon slices.

Bon Appetite ;)

-- By the way, this was the first meal i cooked BM on the first time he visited me. I asked him to taste the stew to see if it needs additional salt. Willing to risk anything that night he tasted the firing hot stew from the firing hot spoon and burnt his tongue ;) i could see his eyes watering and smoke coming out of his ears and nose hehehehehee but being the Macho Man he said nothing and said that he was OK. It wasn't until a year or so later when he was telling someone about my cooking that he blamed me for damaging his tasting buds on his tongue hehehehehehe i think it was better that he lost the taste sense that night or i would have heard about the bad cooking experience all my life hehehehehe just kidding he loved it ! but as i said on that first night he would have loved ANYTHING hehehehehehe MEN!


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