Monday, February 13, 2006

ATC's Recipe of the Day® #1

I will start these posts with my favourite and most quick recipes.

--> Chicken Escalope with Herbed Mashed Potato, Salad, & Shirley Temple <--

>> Chicken Escalope: You can buy this ready from any supermarket or butcher. You can even replace it with beef steaks or fish steaks or any kind of steaks that you like. Just add some oil to the skillet and fry the escalopes until they turn gold or brown (I like them well done:).

>> Herbed mashes potato: After peeling some potatoes place them in a pan and boil them until they become ready to be mashed (20 to 30 minutes depends on the amount). While the potato is boiling prepare the sauce by squeezing one lemon and adding its juice to 3 mashed garlic pieces (NOT CLOVES, pieces), then on top of the lemony mixture sprinkle salt as much as needed, then sprinkle one small spoon of dried crushed mint or Oregano or both ;) Place the boiled potato in a big bowl and start smashing them until they look like a paste. Then add the sauce of lemon, garlic, salt, mint/oregano. Mix well until all ingredients are well spead among potato paste.

>>Salad: Dice a couple of tomatoes, shred a couple of white onions then add the same sauce of lemon, garlic, salt, mint/oregano and then add olive oil to the mixture.

>>Shirley Temple: If you wish to serve drinks with this meal, my favourite would be, Grenadine with 7-Up or what most places call "Shirley Temple". Just fill the serving glass with 1/4 Grenadine Syrup and 3/4 7Up or Sprite. Stirr well and serve chill.

**Tips & Tricks**
If you like to decorate the food the way i do before presenting, for people eat with their eyes before their mouth, then:
* Place the Escalopes on a bed of shredded lettuce and garnish with a couple of lemon slices.
* Spread the mashed potatoes in a large plate and using a fork cross-hatch lines so it will look like a prison and then add small parsley pieces in between intersections of the lines created by the fork marks (Don't over garnish ;).
*For the salad you can dice the green portion of one Spring onion and sprinkle it on the salad to add life to the colors.
* For the drink, dip the tip of the glass with crushed ice before making the inside mixture then after mixing the drink serve immediatly ;)

Bon Appetite ;)


Blogger Rain said...

Thanks dear ATC for the recipe , it sounds delicious :).

Cooking is an art :), so show us more talents ;)

3:16 PM, February 14, 2006  

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