Saturday, February 18, 2006

2nd Year together ;)

Yesterday Friday the 17th of February was the completion of two years since BM and I started our long trip towards the future with the hope of being together under one roof someday. When i think of it in years i find it really long time agoooo when i still thought that i could dream of something and then wake up and find it happening or on my pillow:) But when i look through the things we've been through from his side or even mine i really gasp and thank God for giving us both the strength and will to continue together and the bless of "FORGIVING". Yes beleive it or not "Foregiving". If i had stopped at every time i really got hurt from BM i would have ended that relation a couple of months after the relation started, when the real him started to show up and all the smoochness and cuddling and taking care of me started to vanish for more important things took over like responsibility and reality. And if he had stopped the relation everytime he thought logically of the situation and realised that we will reach nowhere with the religious differences in background we would have never started from the beginning. God have blessed us both with the foregiveness and the ability to love and care for each other each in his different and unique way. Although sometimes outer circumstances are much stronger and would force us to say or do things that we both disagree on for different reasons but still Forgiveness and Faith keep on putting us together back on the same path. So here i am telling you that i am still ready to continue the way it being filled with flowers (which i doubt) or it being scattered with thorns. For knowing that i will be with you at the end of the road makes all the pain worth every minute with you ;) God bless you and happy second year with me, i am astonished as much as you are that you made it that far with a crazy person like me hehehehehehehehe May God always bless you and us :)

yours truly,

PS: You once told me that "eedi b2eedik 3alatoul" (my hand is in yours at all times) and i think that this word had a big impact on me towards us more than anything ever, and here i am saying "inshallah 3atoul" (hopefully always) :)


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