Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dear Wonderer,

Congratulations on expecting a BABY blogger ;) Don't worry we'll all be here for your mood swings and definitly to make things easier for you and the baby hehehehehehehehe joking aside, I'm really happy to see you cheerful again and full of enthusiasm ;) May God bless you and your family ;)

Dear Charismatic Soul,

Congratulations on your engagement ;) Really happy for you & D, especially that you've made it to the engagement hehehehehe always thought you might chicken out hehehehe just kidding i know that you were looking forward for it ;) Yalla Allah yhanneekoum ya rab w waiting for you to come back to hear all about it ;)

PS: Don't forget the pictures .. hint hint... digital photography hehehehehe ;)

Dear Rain,

Alf mabrouk 3ala Katb El Kitab (congratulations on Signing the registrer). Best of luck to you and Medo w 3okbal il farha iltamma ya rab ;)

Dear Loulou,

May God bless you and K throughout the years to come ;) Best wishes at all time. Glad to know that the wedding was what you have expected and more. Loved the way you spoke about the things your mom remembered from years ago and included in the wedding. May God protect you and all those you love and care for ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mongolian Buffet ;)

We went out yesterday for our department's xmas dinner ;) Yes we have delayed it till yesterday for everyone is back now from their vacations and annual leaves. My supervisor suggested a place in AbuDhabi known as the Royal Orchid. It is a Far East-Food restaurant. My supervisor was telling us all the time to go for the Mongolian Buffet. My closest friend ever R was as usual with us in the outing. She used to work with us in the same department but was transfered into another department 2 years ago, but as you see we still consider her with us ;) All the way to the restaurant we were both nagging about the outing and that it is the last thing we both want to do now with all the things going on with us at work. Anyway we went their and as usual they were all with their hubbies/wives except me and R. I can never introduce BM to my coworkers for we met through one of my coworkers (whom btw still donno about us;) and BM is known by everyone in my department. As for R, she is a divorcee and still not willing to give another guy a chance into her life for she can't imagine falling in love or trusting anyone again. Anyway (seems i am in the mood of details today so this will be the onl post for today or else i will say a lot of things that are better kept for now hehehhee), we started our dinner by preparing the dish we're gonna have and ordering the ready made noodles or rice of your choice. Then we were asked to prepare our dishes. Yes in the Mongolian Buffet you have to prepare your own dish (which most of us did not know before our spervisor rambled about for the past 2 days). They have all kind of raw meat, chicken, and fish with raw vegetables, spices, oils, sauces etc. placed as a buffet.The restaurant have posted 4 papers on top of the buffet each one detailing the recipe of the sauce you would like to use to prepare your dish. I went for the Great Khan Desire sauce which is from (1 spoon Oyster sauce, 1/2 spoon Tiryaki Sauce, 1/2 spoon Soya Sauce, 1 spoon Babeque Sauce, 1/2 spoon sesame sauce, 3 spoons brown sugar, and 2 spoons garlic) hehehehe yes i memorised it for i loved it ;) Well after putting some meat and loads of chicken i added some slices of fresh carrots, green pepper, spring onions, onions, then i proceeded to top them with the above mentioned sauce. We gave the dish we had to the chef and took our number token then went back to find that our sweetcorn w/chicken soup is waiting for us. We started the night with loads of giggles and chitchats and you know these dinner talks ;) Anyway the food arrived and i should tell you that most of us were really wondering if it was worth the trial or not but trust me it is ;) The dish i created yesterday is one of the best dishes i have ever eaten ;) i am deffenitly going there again. Anyway after dinner it was the xmas dinner tradition of the mysterious santa thingy and not secret santa, for this year we decided that we all get silly 10DHS (3$) gifts put them in one big bag then each of us would pick a gift. I got my supervisor's gift which was 2 "Mind your language" VCDs Volume2 & Volume3, while for my surprise he got my gift which was a junior artist coloring set of pastels, crayons, and chalk. The funny thing about it is that my supervisor finds nothing to put in my annual assessment as my future development but "Progress Freehand Illustration Skills" so when he got my gift i told him that it will help him in his "Illustration Skills of Airplanes" which he draws everywhere he goes heheheheheheheheh so it was one to one hehehehehe ;) Anyway the night turned out to be really good and we really enjoyed every bit of it ;) I wished if BM was there for i know he would have enjoyed it too, but i am starting to get used to be considered as a loner and being hit on by others and say nothing! It's just frustrating but anyway today i am keeping the good mood ;) heheheehe Smileeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

Monday, January 16, 2006

If they existed!!!

Your Love Quote

True love stories never have endings.

BM would definitly disagree hehehehe ;)

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.

Although i love Birds of Paradise ;)

You Are a White Rose

You represent youthfulness and purity.

Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Eid Mubarak

Sunday, January 08, 2006

From me to you!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good Morning World ...

for everyone who had the chance to read and comment on my blog and to become a special blogger in my virtual life ;) It was my honor meeting all of you in the blogosphere and some of you in the real world ;) Thank you all for being here during the happy and sad times during last year hoping that this year you will be here for the GOOD TIMES only hehehehehehe i know i am asking for too much hehehehehe ;) Thank you too for asking about my disappearances hehehehe I haven't been posting for a while for i am EXTREMELY busy with billions of things as usual! I remember during highschool my bestfriend used to call me at all times " Miss Mashghouleih" hehehehhehehe and now that name is back hehehehe. I am on leave from work for 3 weeks, during which i am trying 2 finish my FINAL master's project in Educational Technology which i've been delaying since February! Yes february. My cousin is here from Lebanon for a couple of weeks. My parents are preparing themselves for traveling on the 12th. I am preparing myself for becoming a caretaker of 2 sisters [24yrs and 12yrs] and a brother [18yrs] during their leave ;) I am also freelancing for a friend of mine who asked me to finish something as a favor. I have to clean my bedroom and get rid of everything i do not want for there is not enough space for anything anymore (i hate cleaning my bedroom) and i have to prepare all the wintery clothes i have for mom to chose from to take with her on her trip. I have to do the Ma3mool(Eid Cookies) with mom for the Eid Al Adha (we always make not less than 8 to 10 kilos of sweets to serve and distribute during the Eid Al Adha)! So usually mom prepares the dough and the fillings and me, my sisters, and my brother do the Ma3mool (cookies) then dad wraps them one by one with wax paper to keep them fresh and look like the readymade ma3mool. Mom does the best ma3mool recipes i have ever eaten. All the people we know have taken her recipe but they still say that mom's are the best. We usually make Ma3mool Pistachio, Ma3mool Dates, Ma3mool Nuts, Dates Sableih, and Ka3k with and without sesame. Yes it is a lot but mom says it is a Baraka to do that. We usually prepare the ma3mool 3 days before the Eid for on the eid day dad brings the Oudhiyah 3albeit and we all work in cutting and ditributing the meat into parcels to give away ;) I love that eid, it is the only eid of the year which i believe it should be spent with family rather than friends for it is all about giving and sharing. I will talk about that eid in a later post.

As for me and BM things have been ELHAMDOLLILLAH more than great. I got to spend New Years' Eve with him and loved every minute of it. We went to a friend's house where we celebrated xmas and newyear last year too. We were a group of 60+ people and we really enjoyed it but honestly not as much as last year for we knew more people in last year's party. Anyway we spent all the time together and enjoyed it and guess what ... for the first time since a year maybe i haven't felt jealous at all from anyone he danced/spoked/flirted/kissed or anything for throughout the whole party i was getting all of his attention unlike the usual days (by now you all know that no pne around us knows that we are together and that we should act just like close friends) and i could see his eyes following me wherever i went or whoever i danced with. It was a great feeling to feel that special for him ;) After the party ended at 4 am we decided to go for a ride in the car but it started raining and we decided to go for a cup of coffee instead at a near place and we did until 6 am and that's when i left Dubai heading towards Abu Dhabi for my parents were celebrating in AlAin and there was no way i was going back to thier house for i know i wouldn't find a parking, and besides the house was empty :( min gheir shar. So i decided to go back to my house and i did, and after a long drive and some rain I was home at 7:15 am and that's when i hit the bed till 12 noon and then started another busy day but this time BUSY SLEEPING heheheheheheheh i went out for lunch with a friend at Fridays then came back home and slept till 9pm then woke up finished some work and went to bed at 3 am and woke up this morning at 9 am ;)

Anyway yes things are going fine with me THANK God at all times especially with BM. I wish that every girl in the world will meet a person like him for with all the negative things in him which are really really few, he is such an adorable person whom i wouldn't trade for the world. Now you know why i was soooooo depressed when i thought i lost him from my life. May God keep us together forever ya rab.

Yalla spoke a lot and it's time to get dressed for i am invited for lunch and sheeshas. Will be blogging everynow and then to tell you about the last couple of weeks for a lot has happenned but you got the gist from what i wrote now.

Happy New Year to all and wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Me ;)

PS: I would like here to say alf alf alf mabrouk to Loulou who got married yesterday ;) I hope she is enjoying everybit of it and eveything went as she expected yesterday ;) 3ikbalkoun everyone ;)