Monday, November 14, 2005

Influenced by the previous Post...

Wonderer's comment on my previous song-cursed post made me remember the time when mom delivered our youngest sister, who is 15 years younger than i am, she was really tired and was sick most of the time for her body lost its immune system after delivery in a way or another (poor mom). So for the first year i had to take care and raise my youngest sister (tab3an under the supervision of mom). But during these days i wanted her to be the Genius of the world so i taught her everything a her mind can take and even more. One of the things were nursery rhymes and these rhymes kept on playing in my head day and night even when sleeping but in HER voice (which is really adorable for all of us -the four siblings- have inhereted a great voice from mom and dad - yes we are the Vontrap family hehehehehehe). After that year mom became much better and took care of her. I was their now to supervise her studies and learnings to continue my project of EINSTINE hehehe she went into KG and God bless the neighbours for she kept on climbing on top of the table since she came back from school until it was bedtime singing and repeating everything she learnt during the day in high pitched voice hehehehehehe At first we thought she was so sweet and cute but by the second week she started to be annoying and then she became a daily occurance which everyone got used to hehehehehe I love her so much she is my kid. By the way when she entered school and she was interviewed, everyone was shocked with all the things she learned for she spoke, thought, and acted like a 5 or 6 years old (although she was 3yrs old), she knew all the alphabets, parts of the body, loads of words like car, house, food in Arabic, French, and English, she also wrote what looked very similar to her name in Arabic and she knew all the numbers till 100 with BASIC additional equations (1+1). Yup you can imagine the time i spent with her ;)

So at the end she did end up as my Genius- God bless her. It aches to see her now in her own teenage world but i look at her and see a replica of me at her age - which i like ;) I started loosing the connection when i had to go to university in Lebanon and i remember the first time i came back for XMAS break she was in total shock and silence for half an hour while she was sitting in my lap with her hands choking my neck and her first words to me were "do you wanna see my drawings" and that's how the ice broke hehehehe.

Anyway i love our relation now although it is not as strong as when i was bringing her up from both sides for now I too have more things to take care of, but at least i know that i am her first resort for everything. I wish if this case was the same with my 3 years younger sister hehehehehe We have a really strong connection but i always feel that it is like a competition between me and her. I will write a post about that this week inshallah.

Have a lovely day ;)


Blogger Charismatic Soul said...

atc, you have the patience of a saint :)

god bless you and your sis 'hun' ;)

10:03 AM, November 14, 2005  
Blogger Me said...

Waow ATC !! mashAllah 3leiki w 3ala your sis !!!
I haven't had the chance to experience somethng like this because me and my brothers are in the same age group (5yrs diff. between the eldest and the youngest)... but I don't think I would've had your patience anyway!!!!

3:45 PM, November 14, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

I wouldn't really call it patience. She was/is a smart kid very gullible and everything i said was absorbed at the moment, I don't remember i had to repeat something more than twice or three times max. Besides i love kids and that's what aches me most about being 27 and not having my own kids yet. I loved everything about my little sister for in reality she was my little kid.

By the way she is in grade 8 now and still at the top of her class. She is smart by nature and because she is the youngest and my parents' "Akheir il 3ankoud" she tends to keep on mesmerising us with her new info or knowledge and takes lots of charecteristics and gestures from everyone at home. For exmaple if she wants something fom me she would ask for it in a way that she knows i would agree to. She would use a different way to ask my other sister or brother to suite their way for the same thing or issue she asked me about. She is smart and she knows how to play it right ;) She is 12 now but talks, walks, thinks,discusses, suggests, and argues like a 20 year old. May God bless her ya rab and all your sisters and brothers.

4:08 PM, November 14, 2005  

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