Monday, October 03, 2005


We're in the middle of moving offices from the 1st floor to the groundfloor. It feels so weird to be sitting among all these boxes i feel as if i am prisoned in a jail or something! At a point yesterday i thought of building my own fort with all the boxes to fill my time which i cannot use in the office for it is a chaos with everyone moving around and all the construction workers and movers. As a designer i need some kind of quitness around to concentrate on my work but it was close to impossible with all the hectic work and moving going around; and with all the engineers coming into our room to check measurements and allocations of people.

What is more weird is labeling everything with my name hehehehehehe i feel as if really i am in camp or something similar. Even my poor plants had to labeled!

Anyway we just got informed that we won't be moving till Wednesday for some changes in the plan due to construction delays. So I'd better find something to do with the boxes till then ;)

Any idea guys?


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