Monday, September 12, 2005

Romantic Man?

Does a Romantic Man exist on earth? I have millions of friends from around the world but it has just got to my attention that among all of these millions only 4 or 5 are considered romantic or even close to being that. I have always looked for Romance in the guy that i would want to be with. But as usual there is no full package in real life ;) By the way, when i say romantic i do not mean a sissy or something like that for i have gay friends who don't even know what romantic means! But i would really love to know someone who would with one word or hug or anything send me flying to the moon and back. Does that exist? Now that i am thinking of it i look at my parents and see how my dad tries to be romantic and find it funny but sweet ;) I would want nothing more than a person who sees me his princess even when i am able to count the couple of teeth left and measure the progress of my falling boobs hehehehehehe

Anyway this was just a passing trivia.



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