Sunday, August 21, 2005


I wouldn't mind at all to kick some a**e* today...
I went around hunting for appartments since this morning and i saw 9 different ones which were listed on the uae site.
But the frustration is that all the prices on the site had been actually increased by quarter of the original price. So a 45thousand flat (on the website) would become a 55thousand flat when actually visiting it or a 55 would become 75! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i could have killed most of these watchmen. And whenever we asked about the reason they would say these were the old rents since the building existed!!!! or worse "Sorry the apartment is taken since 2 weeks)!!! SO WHY NOT UPDATE THE INFORMATION and save us all the fuss and agony of flat hunting! Now besides to this the even more worse thing is that within the search you have the option of seeing a picture of the building, but these pictures were taken like 6 or seven years ago... so in one case the building we were looking for had different shops in it and we had passed it twice before figuring it out. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's it i have to go rest i think my fever is going up again. mish innou i am full of cold and sick and searching bass kamein i am frustratedddddddddd. Oh i have to mention that by now i have seen 24 flats within the last month and didn't like any; but what is worth mentioning is a flat which had a balcony which could be accessed through the bathroom YES the bathroom, i remember telling my co-worker who always accomopany me for the searches that after bathing i would like to dry myself in the sun out at the balcony hehehehehe and the other thing i have to mention is that one of the buildings which had a really big lounge which could be great for any football player, had an internal wooden door which could lead to the roof. So in case any of the 20 floors building tenants need to access the roof they have to go through this appartment!! can you believe that ! That explains the big lounge hehehehe just turn the lounge into a sheesha place for the tenants and throw some cards, backgammon , and music and there you go no need to work hehehehehe ! Ok i am feeling much better now gtg finish some work for we've been out of the office since morning. I think i am fine now that i screamed my frustration out loud on the blog!


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