Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time Race...

Lately i am having the feeling that i am in a real race with time! I have noticed that most of my plans are scheduled or TIMED!
I have to wake at 7:20am make sure to be out of the house before 7:45am, be at work before 8:00am, make sure not to miss the one hour break, leave at 5pm if no urgent project comes up, reserve 2 hours for lunch/dinner and sheesha with friends, go back home and try to finish everything before 2am when it is time for sleep. SO LITERALLYmy life is a scheduled routine (an oxymorone) hehehhehe. At all these times i look at my watch more than i look at anything else during the day. There is loads of watches at home, one on my mobile, one on my wrist, one on the laptop, one on the office's Mac, one on my working station, one on my car's dashboard etc. so basicly time is watching me more than i am watching it! Just like in cartoons "clocks with eyes"!



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