Monday, August 01, 2005


I always believed that there is a soulmate for each person on earth (being a lover a friend a husband/wife, etc.) and that it might take a while to find him/her but eventually you will.

With all the things that were on my mind yesterday i was gonna loose that belief and start believing that life keeps on putting us in these situations where you have no idea what is going on or to happen! But by the end of the day, after talking to a very special person, i figured out that all these are just tests for us from God to test our patience, belief, and faith. And because "Inna Allah ma3 al sabereen", patience here i come with wide open arms and a big smile of acceptance for as always i remain "mouttakila 3ala Allah".

May God bless you all especially that person who always offers me a hand to guide me through my way, he's my guardian angel.

Fee aman Allah,

P.S.: Guardian angel if you read this, thank you for being there again and again and again...


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