Thursday, August 04, 2005


Everytime i go out shopping with my friend we swear that we are going only to this particular shop buy the particular product and leave! That was the plan yesterday!We reached the mall at 5pm and ended up leaving it at 10:30pm! We started with the first shop then the second then the third from one sale to another (but to be fair she needs to shop for she is travelling back home and needs to get loads of gifts, so she finished most of her list). Then we felt hungry taking into consideration that as usual we haven't eaten anything since morning we went for breakfast/lunch/dinner and sheeshas in the mall. then went back shopping again and ended up in Starbucks with a third friend who joined the last 2 shopping attempts we had. hehehehe i should admit it was fun to change the routine but it seems that it is expensive to change the routine for i came back home with 12 shopping bags!



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