Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Saleimty ;)

I can't explain how sick and tired i am today. My eyes are red for a start. They get filled with tears after concentrating on the screen for less than 5 minutes , i could feel as if i am carrying the world on my head. There is like a dog napping on my chest, and most of all i keep hearing a buzzing sound as if the fire alarm went off. And yet i still came to work today! I am starting a fever again, and could barely concentrate with anyone talking to me but if i didn't show up today who will finish all the "urgent" work that pops up out of nowhere? Maybe i will work for half a day and go rest and in case of any urgent matters i can pop back to the office. Anyway got to go for my eyes are starting to tear. hehehehe this is funny, i ended up explaining how sick i am ;)

*Cough Cough*,


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