Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Penny...

If only i got a penny, or a 50fils in my case, for everytime i heard a friend's problem i would be the richest person on earth by now. What's wrong with everyone? It seems as if a "depression flu" is in the air. Come on get better soon and SMILE ;) It's just LIFE!


Blogger BeeJ said...

I'd be waay richer than you even if I got paid in 1 cent increments. I appreciate the positive attitude, its the way to go always.

4:55 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

I don't think so ya man unless if you're older than i am and have met more people in life than i did. For listening to my friend's problems is one of the daily routines i go through all the time. Just to put you in the picture, i am more like a Dear Abby person. As i recall once i told my friend that every person is born in life for a mission and mine is to make people happy and to be there for others ;) I was literally thinking last time to create a blog for helping any surfers in any of their problems, but i have a lot in hand right now so i thoguht of postponing it till Ramadan ;) If you're good enough maybe we can both run the future blog and help others ;) hehehehhehehe we will be virtual business partners ;) cool i like that hehehehehe i think i am going crazy here i am just so hyper today. take care and enjoy the weekend ;)

7:25 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

...hehehehe forget to mention something... a year ago i watched the movie "The Guru" it was really funny but also innovative for it lit an idea in my head that i wanted to become a sex guru just like the main actor but the idea freaked mom out and thought that i was loosing all her years of bringing us up in the right manners and behaviour so i told her that i would be an official sex guru for the married people just to help them and since then i've been really instersted in all the Dr. Ruth idea (mom is still loosing hope of me getting my brains back after they evaporated into thin air hehehe) ;) so in case the problem solving site didn't work, we could have the guru site online ;) hehehehehehe that would combine your playboy idea with my Dear abby and Dr. ruth character hehehehehehehehehe see i told you i am hyper today ;) i'ld better say no more and go look for my brains ;) ciao

7:34 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger BeeJ said...

I would still win.

12:25 PM, August 20, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

Men!!! Just a typical prototype of MEN:

I win,
I told you that,
See i was right,
I knew it since the beginning,
I know everything,
Been there...done that,
I should have the last word...

Ok you win ;)

Now that i took that off my chest, i can praise your patience for it really needs patience and a friendly character for people to confide in you and trust. So i've added one more gig in your account and more respect is on the way hehehehe;)

Oh btw, do you win in Dr. Abby or Dr. Ruth ;)

1:42 PM, August 20, 2005  

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