Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I feel Good tananana Aww ;)

Yup i do ;) see all it took was one call then one missed call then another 2 missed calls then a call ;) Sooooooo... I feel Good tanananan So Good So Good tintintintin hehehehehe 43 ;)

God bless you and all ;)


Blogger LouLou said...


Ok I see you've been playing the waiting game too:) I guess it's a girl's thing.

Am not going to try to give you advice because in your place I'd behave exactly like you. Down in the dumps while waiting then the minute the call comes - walking on air:)

Enjoy the ups & downs. Both are nice in their own way. Have been listening to Um Kulthoom Seerti El7ub a lot.

8:45 AM, August 27, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

hehehehe yup it is a girls thing ;)

Glad to see you here just finished reading your last conversation with K and i think that you were right at telling him what you felt honestly and giving him examples of what you mean (like the car thing).

Honesty is the key to all relationships ;)

I always wondered if K knows about your blog, but never wanted to ask you infront of all your readers? Don't you think he'd be a bit offended to see that his private life with you is being published online for billions of people to read? My K would feel offended even if i shared details with my bestfriends for he believes that what is between us is meant to be between us. I think he would go daft if he finds out that i am thinking of having a Dear Diary blog for it is really really a great tension relief. And all the responses you get from people on any of your thoughts or blogs make you look at things from different perspectives and think out of the circle ;)

Anyway, hope to read more of your perspectives about my subjects. Wish you all the best with K he seems to be the best match ;) Goodluck ;)

9:46 AM, August 27, 2005  
Blogger LouLou said...

"I always wondered if K knows about your blog,"

He knows I have a blog. And that am not going to let him read it:)

It's ok because as public as it maybe it's still anonymous isn't it?No one who knows me or him personally knows about my blog.And vice versa.

He wouldn't like it if I talked to my offline friends about these things because he knows them in person & meets them all the time. Wouldn't like that myself.

Some of the stuff on my blog is so personal that I can't imagine even K himself reading it. It would be really embarrassing for me.

But I don't know what I'd do without my blog & my readers. As you've noticed am the kind of person who likes to remember my feelings & to analyze them. K doesn't have the patience for that kind of analysis. Like you saw in our last conversation am trying very hard to get him to develop a taste for analyzing people & emotions & you saw how hard it was.It really isn't his thing.

And I don't talk to my friends or my family so if it wasn't for my blog where would I go?

4:05 PM, August 28, 2005  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

You're absolutly right. I am the kind of person that keeps the things that hurt me or annoy me to myself. I might blurt something out everynow and then and when i do i feel as if i am going to hurt that person so i try to take it back or as "my K" tells me "stop hiding behind your finger". I try my best not to hurt anyone especially him for it hurts me back and i keep on thinking of it all the time. But sometimes i loose it. Or even worse i tend to keep things for long time so i could be hurt from you centuries and when i blurt it out i throw everything from the beginning of the century. I have lately learnt to control that by trying to avoid clashes.

Unlike you i do talk to my friends and family about my K but i end up doing what i want and what i believe in but at the end of the day it is always good to look at things from others' point of view. As i recall you saying in one of your blogs that "you are the one who sees it and feel it all" in other words you know him better than your friends! so what might look rude or vulgur to them may end up being a normal thing that K does. Besides when you're in love you tend to Ignore/Deny lots of things.

Anyway, just to sum things up, i have created my Dear Diary blog hehehehehehe yup i did and already started jotting everything i want to say but i can't for i might hurt anyone even my self.

I will email you the Dear Diary blog address ;) After reading it you will notice the similarity of incidents that happen among any two trying to start something ;)

Take care and i will go now to comment on your jealousy post ;)

yalla ciao

12:26 AM, August 30, 2005  
Blogger LouLou said...


Yes it's important to avoid clashes but it's also important to communicate your feelings/likes/dislikes before they develop into clashes or potential classes. Bottling things up & then exploding is not good for relationships.

You don't necessarily hurt people by telling them the truth if you do it in the right circumstances & in the right way. Use some of that famous Libra diplomacy:)

But if you wait until you reach the point of explosion & don't know what you're saying then you might cause a lot of damage. Better defuse the crisis early - that's my opinion.

Waiting for the link to your blog.

12:17 PM, August 31, 2005  

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