Tuesday, August 23, 2005

27 Hours!

27 hours for crying out loud... Yes i haven't spoken to you for the past 27 hours! if you think that this is normal then there is something abnormal! Innou i spoke to you 2 pm yesterday and it is the next day now and it is 5pm... don't you wonder where the hell am i ? or what am i doing? or how is my cold? or if am better or not? or if i got things sorted out for the FB?

Innou i know you're busy and that you're always surrounded by people from all around the world but how about an SMS if you can't call or even a missed call or an email or whatever. Ya3ni didn't you have time to go to the bathroom or to change into your pjs or to brush your teeth??? By now i should be important as those things are! Don't tell me that i am asking for too much nope i am not. I am asking for something that has been killing me for the past i donno what. A simple SMS would do the job. How much time would it take from you to say Goodnight or good morning or hope all is well or whatever. Come on i do exist in your world and i know that but i am a girl i need to be reminded everynow and then how important i am to you no matter how much you say it or even how. Again i would say, a simple SMS would do the job.

Innou if it was me in your shoes and you in mine you would have told me (quoting you): "Shou mbayyan bitdallik mashghouli w sar fee meen yilheeky w battalti titzakkareena. Yalla basseeta rouhi kaffee illi kinti 3am ta3imli w sorry 3aliz3aj."

Bass ana mish mitlak w ma rah illak heik bass rah illak "I AM HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, remember, the sweet ME ;)"

Anyway i hope you enjoyed your ME-Free day ;)



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